😍 Dear Community,

🎛 #Nftpossion smart contract has been audited and the audit result is perfect. You can now safely hold your #NFTP token why wait on automated listing on #pancakeswap after the ILO.

More details about our second Airdrop will be made available after the ILO has ended successfully. This second airdrop is for holders who are holding #Birdchain token above 100k. The second airdrop ratio will be calculated after the snapshot and made available. Each wallet holding more than 100 k #Birdchain token at the time of the snapshot will be able to connect his/her wallet and claim his/her #Nftp token second airdrop.

🚍 #pinksale ILO is live don’t wait until the last hours to participate do that now and secure your position

🔗#Pinksale Participation link::

🔗#Nftpossion Audit report:: https://github.com/Tech-Audit/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/TECHAUDIT_NFTPOSSION.pdf



❤️#NFTPOSSION Update. #NFTP IEO session 2 on Vindax will begin Tomorrow. To those who participated on #vindax, you will have to send an email to support@nftpossion.com to claim your remaining #NFTP token since Vindax only supports but 8 zero.

🚀🚀 We have our official ILO on unicrypt currently going on, reserve your seat now to get your #NFTP token on unicrypt. After the ILO on unicrypt is complete, the listing will be made automatic to pancakeswap with liquidity locked.
👂Don’t miss the opportunity to get #NFTP token now. Current ILO price is 160,000,000,000 NFTP / per BUSD

🐧Unicrypt Participation link below::




👋 Dear community

There have been some changes with NFTP in the background.

💪We’re looking to put up an effective marketing team plus new dev in place before we move into NFTP IDO

We need to launch NFTP token without a setback.

For this reason, we’ve postponed the launch of NFTP IDO.

We’ll keep you posted on a new date soon.
Stay tuned for updates

Telegram: @nftpossionchat
Website: https://nftpossion.com



👋Dear Birdchainians,

While we’re preparing for our upcoming NFTP IDO, we’re also preparing for the launch of Birdchain’s chat and publisher feature. We want to launch these two features alongside effective marketing.

👉We’re focusing more on the upcoming NFTP IDO because we believe Birdchain will benefit greatly from the NFTP platform.

Birdchain will also be a major token in the NFTP marketplace.

💪We’ve also noticed a tremendous increase in activity on Birdchain’s gaming section.

This is good — so we are debating whether to permit users to stake their game points to earn Birdchain tokens or chose and reward top 10 game players every month.

Check out the games in Birdchain app

Stay tuned for further updates.




Dear community,

There are some major changes that will be taking place with #NFTP to enable us to proceed with the upcoming IDO.

We’ll create a new smart contract in which the total supply of #NFTP tokens will be reduced to match our listing on vindax exchange at 8 digits.

We’ve already paid for #NFTP listing on vindax exchange, so we’ll drastically reduce the total supply of #NFTP tokens.

Also, 50% of #NFTP tokens will be burned instantly.

Stay tuned for updates about this.

Join telegram group: https://t.me/nftpossionchat

Website: https://nftpossion.com/



Birdchain defi official

#Birdchain is base in the era of sharing Economy allowing users to benefit greatly by using blockchain technology.