❤️#NFTP ILO updates. There are two main platforms which we will be performing our ILO against listing on #pancakeswap with the following BNB and BUSD Pairs. On #unicrypt, 90% of the ILO will be listed with the pair NFTP/BUSD and locked on #pancakeswap this will be done automatically after the…

❤️#NFTPOSSION Update. #NFTP IEO session 2 on Vindax will begin Tomorrow. To those who participated on #vindax, you will have to send an email to support@nftpossion.com to claim your remaining #NFTP token since Vindax only supports but 8 zero.

🚀🚀 We have our official ILO on unicrypt currently going on, reserve your seat now to get your #NFTP token on unicrypt. After the ILO on unicrypt is complete, the listing will be made automatic to pancakeswap with liquidity locked.
👂Don’t miss the opportunity to get #NFTP token now. Current ILO price is 160,000,000,000 NFTP / per BUSD

🐧Unicrypt Participation link below::


👋Dear community,

NFTP smart contact has been updated.

📌NFTP total token supply has massively decreased
📌50% of the total mint token has been burned.

Here is the new smart contract address


More updates about our upcoming IDO coming soon. Check out the NFTP website for the current tokenomics and much more.

Website: https://nftpossion.com

Join Telegram group: https://t.me/nftpossionchat

Dear community,

There are some major changes that will be taking place with #NFTP to enable us to proceed with the upcoming IDO.

We’ll create a new smart contract in which the total supply of #NFTP tokens will be reduced to match our listing on vindax exchange at 8 digits.

We’ve already paid for #NFTP listing on vindax exchange, so we’ll drastically reduce the total supply of #NFTP tokens.

Also, 50% of #NFTP tokens will be burned instantly.

Stay tuned for updates about this.

Join telegram group: https://t.me/nftpossionchat

Website: https://nftpossion.com/

Question:: Dear NFTP team, what will happen next if your IDO is not successful?

Response:: That is a question we frequently get these few days and here’s our response.

This will make us more bullish and hardworking. We believe in the bright future of NFT and metaverse. So NFTP is…

👋Dear community,

We’ve decided to cancel all ongoing NFTP presales. Be ready for the next big updates coming.

🚀We’ll do a fair launch of NFTP token. This means there’ll be a poll and whatever amount is raised, tokens will be distributed among the participants.

👉Once the fair launch is completed…

Birdchain defi official

#Birdchain is base in the era of sharing Economy allowing users to benefit greatly by using blockchain technology.

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