An #Update Regarding the #swap.

Due to the upcoming swap of #Birdchain token to either #Binance Smart Chain or #Tron network, All withdrawal requests within the #birdchain #App will not be processed until after the swap is complete. Our current #Birdchain #App will support the swap, and many other options will be available later.

Please know that it cost about $15 to $27 of gas fees to send just 1000 #birdchain token. We are not going to be paying that on each withdrawal request. If anyone needs his or her withdrawal from the #App urgently, go to our donation page, donate within the range of $15 to $17 to cover your gas fee, send screenshot of your donation to our support and your withdrawal will be processed immediately. If not you have to wait until the swap is completed, so the New team can resume free withdrawal again.

Due to the high cost of gas fees, this is one of the reasons we are switching to a new platform so our defi feature coming can work better and attract new users to our system.



#BinanceSmartChain #BSC #BEP20 #trc20 #BINANCE #TronNetwork #blockchain

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