Hello #Birdchainians

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently and we wanted to provide some elaborate answers.

Question 1: How can I get the new BIRD BEP-20 tokens?

For now, you need to get BIRD ERC-20 tokens from any of the exchange #Birdchain is listed and swap it to the new BIRD BEP-20 tokens at the ratio of 1:1.

You can find the various exchanges #Birdchain is listed on from its official #Coinmarketcap page. Scroll to the bottom, then click ‘’see all markets’’


There are 3 methods for swapping your BIRD ERC-20 tokens to BIRD BEP-20 tokens

Method 1 is via the #Birdchain #APP

  • Simply login into your account and click the ‘’GET BIRDS’’ button
  • Copy your deposit address to deposit your birdchain token into your #birdchain App account.

Method 2 is via a direct swap with the #Birdchain support team

  • For this to happen, please contact support at support@birdchainapp.com

Side note: Direct swap via #Birdchain support will last for 12 months.

This is to give room for everyone to swap their BIRD ERC-20 tokens to BIRD BEP-20 tokens.

Method 3 is via an exchange.

The various dates for swapping via exchange will be announced after the swap via #APP is completed.

Don’t forget trading via #Pancakeswap starts next week Wednesday.

Get ready to catch some fun with #Binance smart chain dex.

#Pancakeswap is a dex with a billion USDT market cap trading volume.

#Birdchain BEP-20 token explorer link


For any assistance, contact our support at support@birdchainapp.com

#Birdchain official social profiles for more information:

Official website: https://www.birdchainapp.com/








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