Dear #Birdchainians

We have a new upcoming partnership that will bring more content into the #Birdchain app.

This will allow #Birdchain users to earn more #BIRD tokens and also generate revenue for the #Birdchain project.

So far, we’re working to finalise this partnership which will enable #Birdchain users to get #BIRD tokens using credit card and paypal etc.

Also, our publisher option which is to be launched in 2023 might be released earlier alongside our birdchain video and chat feature.

Once we launch the publisher option, we may go ahead to release all other

#Birchain products such as the DeFi, NFT and business media etc.

We’ve been working hard to make these products unique and pleasant for every #Birdchain user.

⭐️As a reminder, don’t forget to complete tasks in the #Birdchain app. Some tasks can now pay you up to 14, 000 #BIRD tokens.

📌Don’t have the #Birdchain app? Grab it with this direct link.

⭐️Also swap and hodl #BIRD tokens on pancakeswap. Copy and paste Birdchain BEP 20 address: 0xC9c7C6A590E82C576de7553142d47a5fb63f9e90

Stay tuned for further announcements.

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