#Birdchainian, The transfer Process To The New team.

Hello dear, #Birdchainian The transfer process has been rough but everything is good.

The Complete Transfer of everything relating to enable us to start working on our Temp Roadmap is now at 100% to the new team.

The new team will start working on its Temp Roadmap while waiting for the old team to complete the remaining pending balance for the 12-month hosting, fix the current app issue due to the changes of servers. Once that is completed, an update will be posted and the old team will be given an opportunity to say goodbye to the community.

If there are any delays to complete the remaining Balance for the 12-month hosting, the new team will halt working until that’s completed.

Thanks for your long term patience and love towards Birdchain.

#Birdchain #bird #crypto #blockchain



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Birdchain defi official

Birdchain defi official

#Birdchain is base in the era of sharing Economy allowing users to benefit greatly by using blockchain technology.