NFTP is here to stay

Birdchain defi official
1 min readJan 18, 2022

Question:: Dear NFTP team, what will happen next if your IDO is not successful?

Response:: That is a question we frequently get these few days and here’s our response.

This will make us more bullish and hardworking. We believe in the bright future of NFT and metaverse. So NFTP is here to stay.

In case we’re not successful with the current IDO, we’ll relaunch it with an improved marketing strategy.

In brief, we’ll do KYC along with other tasks. We’ll bring in a full marketing team to lead the IDO forward.

After the IDO, NFTP will be listed on pancakeswap.
Also, we’re preparing Birdchain for the launch of its chat feature. A marketing campaign is in preparation.

Don’t forget to participate in the NFTP IDO on Dxsale here

More is coming to Birdchain and NFTPossion. Stay tuned for updates.

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Birdchain defi official

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